Protective Coating

TrustPro Protective Coatings Services is the industry leader in protective coating applications, serving most of the customers throughout the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
With over twelve years of experience built on the foundation of two industry leaders – TrustPro Coatings Services has many locations that consistently deliver high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust.


Meeting the demands of such a diverse group of industries requires an equally diverse range of custom coating services and technologies. TrustPro Coatings Services’ full range of high-technology solutions includes anti-corrosion coating, industrial coating, polyurea coating, lightweight foam concrete, anti-bacterial coating, and other custom coatings.


The Coatings Services’ “Continuous Customer Focus” expresses that commitment to you and defines our ability to direct a custom coating project from the initial opportunity stage through each step in the project cycle. Our start-to-finish capability encompasses complete project management of protective coating applications including evaluation, design conception, solution recommendation, implementation, quality production and process management.


Our dedication to continuous improvement in protective coating applications results in additional customer benefits and opportunities, providing expertise and leadership to meet your needs.


Our work aims to protect people’s health and environment in all circumstances, we emphasize on human health workplace safety environment protection and quality improvement to ensure compliance with quality and health policies and standards.

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