Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection Contractor

Fire is an ever-present danger to businesses. Especially for offshore facilities, since oils and fuels can burn fiercely, it is critically essential to be equipped with the necessary fire protection systems. Passive fire protection is considered the primary element in construction that assures the compartmentalization of the building as well as the stability of the load-bearing component of the building.

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The effects of fire are devastating and often result in huge production loss as well as significant worker injuries.

However, in the event of a fire, our passive fire protection services help mitigate fire spread, provide additional time to control the fire, and allow safe evacuation.

At Trust Pro Contracting, we aim to provide top-notch fire protection systems along with passive fire-resistant materials for use in a wide range of environments which may include building construction, steel construction, penetrations, cables, and piping.

We have the expertise and experience to help you with everything that your business needs to make informed decisions about modern fire safety solutions.

KSA Passive Fire Protection Contractor


We provide a unique, load-bearing, high-performance composite fire panel having high blast impact and moisture resistance.

Ceiling drawing Promat Durasteel Board


For use in power plants, telecommunications complexes, industrial plants, petrochemical plants, paper mills, factories and production facilities.

Protection of cables and bunched cables on cable trays.


Fire compartment walls, floors, and ceilings are designed to prevent fire from passing from one compartment to another.

They keep fire restricted to a fire-resistant area. Openings and service penetrations through such structures should be kept to a minimum.

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We offer technical support for a range of projects
We have experts in fire compartmentalization design
We provide critical fire engineering support

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