About Us

Trust Pro Contracting

Recognized as one of the leading qualified contractors in K.S.A., Trust Pro Contracting is directed by a highly qualified and experienced technical team. The company has achieved its position in the core of contracting business in the Kingdom over a short span of time. With a highly skilled team of workers and professional managers, Trust Pro Contracting has undergone rapid advancement in the last few years. We take pride in having effectively accomplished a number of projects with different national and multinational companies. The company has been a reliable contractor for several clients working in various disciplines of engineering projects.


Our Vision

The core principle of our company is to act with integrity in all our interactions to provide our clients with the real value gained from our experience in national and international markets. Our vision is to maintain and develop our presence as a leading contracting company in the market, whose reputation is built on trust that we provide our clients with high quality and efficient service through innovative applications of engineering capability and technology.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to provide our clients a level of service that exceeds expectations. Moreover, we stick to maintaining the highest level of quality and allowing our employees the opportunity to grow and prosper. Our experts strive to instil confidence with all parties by professionally managing all aspects of the project; whether it is large or small.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Trust Pro Contracting is to provide quality professional service to its clients. With the help of competent and experienced resources, we aim to achieve professional management, honest & fair deal, and client satisfaction while keeping up with the latest technology demands in the industry. Our philosophy of adopting continual improvement where we critically judge our past and current performance in all areas and carry out the necessary corrections to improve our future is what drives us to success.

  • Professional workforce
  • Highly qualified engineers
  • Multidisciplinary skilled & semi-skilled workers

For us, our employees are the most valuable asset and improving the quality of our service is the first priority. With the aim to protect our people’s health and environment in all circumstances, we emphasize on human health workplace safety environment protection and quality improvement to ensure compliance with quality and health policies and standards.


Trust Pro Contracting started


Achieving + 100 Project


250+ Skilled Manpower employed


150+ operative machinery units


(30) On-going projects

We have the skills and passion to get the job done!

Since its inception, Trust Pro Contracting has been serving hundreds of clients across the KSA. We take pride in having an extremely talented, skilled and dedicated team of professionals who constantly seek out new opportunities and strive to meet the expected standards.

A project can be considered successful only if it achieves its objectives up to the expectations of the stakeholders. We believe that our stakeholders play a crucial role in our growth over the years. Stakeholders, in an essence, are the individuals who show interest in our business either directly or indirectly. While they actively participate in our construction or allied works, they might gain or lose as a result of the respective projects.

Our stakeholders include

  •  Owners of Trust Pro Contracting
  •  The Team Trust Pro Contracting – Our Employees
  • Customers
  • Directors
  • Creditors & Suppliers
  • Financiers
  • Consultants

With years of extraordinary contracting services all over the KSA, Trust Pro Contracting has achieved its position in the core of the contracting business. An extremely talented, skilled and dedicated team of professionals is always on the toes to provide excellent customer support without failing to deliver up to the expected standards of services. While directors and other managerial authorities form a strong and powerful framework for the company, our creditors and suppliers support the company in an exceptional way. Financiers and consultants are probably the most important stakeholders, as they stand by us right from the beginning of projects till they are finally accomplished.


We focus on understanding every little detail about project requirements and providing a custom solution to every construction need. This is where the team comes in to the frame. With a solid base of extensive knowledge and remarkable experience, our team capably fulfils a wide array of technical as well as functional requirements of a number of projects.


Our team includes excellent professional management staff, qualified engineers and highly skilled as well as semi-skilled workers in multidisciplinary areas of the industry. It is our people who make it possible to accomplish every signed project with the perfect professional approach and convince our clients with quality work. Over the last decade, we have successfully completed over 100 large scale projects across KSA.

The Trust Pro Contracting Management emphasizes on hiring an exceptionally talented workforce for their capabilities, conferring them the liability to be effectual team players. When it comes to providing quality services that go beyond the client objectives, we fully support our employees incessantly who constantly look up to obtaining the changing, demanding and expanding future construction opportunities.

While the company is moving ahead with reputable recognition in the industry, our first priority is to emphasize on improving the quality of our service by protecting our people’s health and environment in all circumstances. We emphasize on human health workplace safety environment protection and quality improvement ensuring compliance with quality and health policies and standards.


As a leading name in the KSA Construction Industry, we have earned unmatched expertise and protracting experience over the years
We are the Certified Applicator of recognized brands in the industry.