Steel Fire Protection


Current regulations demand certain elements of building structures to have fire resistance! Trust Pro Contracting’s fire protection service for structural steelwork ensures that buildings withstand collapse during emergency situations, allowing occupants to escape and fire service to control the situation.

As a leading name in the local contracting industry, Trust Pro Contracting has built its reputation by offering quality fire protection services to numerous clients, all over the globe.

Fire in buildings exceeds 1,000℃ temperature within a short span of time. Therefore, we limit the temperature rise in steel, so that the maximum strength remains in the structural frame.

Why choose our products?

By incorporating any of the below mentioned TPC’s fire protection systems, you can smartly enhance the ability of a structure to resist fire.

Cementitious Fire Protection System

Cementitious Spray Systems offers up to four hours of Fire Protection to Steel structural, Diaphragm walls and all kind of enclosures and substrates. Cementitious Spray Systems have proven to be the ultimate solution for large scale fireproofing, serving for the past 30 years. It is used on some of the high- profile infrastructural projects in Saudi Arabia and all over the world. Below are some of the crucial reasons that would help you discover our services in detail.

  • Fast and affordable
  • Provides protection up to 4 hours
  • Non-hazardous
  • Eco friendly
  • Best used in commercial places
Cementitious Fire Protection System KSA

Intumescent Paint Systems

An intumescent is a substance that swells when interacts with heat. Intumescent is used for passive fire protection. Trust Pro Contracting has maintained a robust list of certified applications to comply with the national building codes and laws. In a nutshell, Intumescent provide the following features:

  • Provides aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Suitable for structural building materials
  • Using Intumescent Paint strengthens architectural structure
Intumescent Paint Systems KSA

Hydrocarbon Steel Fire Protection

Trust Pro Contracting’s hydrocarbon fire protection coatings are made to protect industrial and offshore structures, including steel structural, pipework, vessels, blast walls and decks from the impacts of hydrocarbon fires. Our solution includes epoxy hydrocarbon intumescent coatings, offering corrosion and fire protection to a variety of onshore and offshore assets. You may consider using our solutions for many reasons including:

  • To avoid huge ecological devastation
  • Suitable for use on steel, it is tolerant to the environment

For cost-effective and worthy fire protection services, contact us!