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Advanced Thermal Isolation Technology

The new technology we are working with at TPContracting is a multi-purpose insulation material with a wide range of applications and it's environmentally friendly too

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Fire Stop System

Trust Pro Contracting’s firestop systems are designed to maintain the integrity of the original assembly. Firestop systems protect against the passage of fire, toxic smoke and hot gases through openings in floors, walls and floor assemblies.

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Steel Fire Protection

Cementitious Spray Systems offers up to four hours of Fire Protection to Steel structural, Diaphragm walls and all kind of enclosures and substrates. Cementitious Spray Systems have proven to be the ultimate solution for large scale fireproofing, serving for the past 30 years.

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Concrete repair (Diamond Drilling, Concrete Scanning and Controlled Demolition) KSA

Concrete repair (Diamond Drilling, Concrete Scanning and Controlled Demolition)

Concrete, though tough, may crack and crumble as a result of some environmental factors. Temperature and moisture sometimes reach such an extreme level that their presence can be felt even through the damage to concrete structures such as walkways and floors

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Protective Coating

Trust Pro Protective Coatings Services is the industry leader in protective coating applications, serving most of the customers throughout the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. With over twelve years of experience built on the foundation of two industry leaders – TrustPro Coatings Services has many locations that consistently deliver high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust.

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Fireboard System (Tunnel)

Tunnels play a decisive role in maintaining transport infrastructure and therefore, it is necessary to protect life and prevent the collapse of the structure. As a leading contractor in K.S.A, we have our team of certified technicians and experts, working in various disciplines of several engineering projects.

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