Trust Pro Contracting, one of the leading contractors in K.S.A is highly committed to provide quality solution for firestop system needs. Our certified products are dedicated to help protect people, buildings and assets.

Trust Pro Contracting helps restrict the devastating effects of fire, with an exclusive range of fire stopping and protection products. We are into installation of passive fire protection systems for slab edge at exterior, top of wall joints, vertical joints; finish applied firestop, expansion joint firestop, wire, cable tray, duct, conduit, pipe and enclosure systems wire, cable tray, duct, conduit, pipe, and enclosure systems.

What we Provide?

We supply and install firestop systems for Slab edge at exterior, Top of wall joints, Vertical joints, Finish applied firestop, Expansion joint firestop, plastic and metallic piping, cable tray, and electrical bus duct, and we provide full technical support throughout all the process.

Even though fire-rated wall, floor, and ceiling assemblies offer the most needed barriers to create compartmentalization during a fire, these types of implementation are not enough for adequate protection.
Firestopping solution implements narrow flame and smoke spread through penetrations in a fire barrier, offering additional needed protection to keep the structure safe and its occupants safe.

Why Trust Pro Contracting?

Trust Pro Contracting’s firestop systems are designed to maintain integrity of original assembly. Firestop systems protect against the passage of fire, toxic smoke and hot gases through openings in floors, walls and floor assemblies. Our team focuses on installing through-penetration-firestop system. This includes a fire-rated assembly, a firestop material, installation items and application of annular space and hole size.

For instance, Trust Pro expert team understands that Perimeter wall fire barriers feature unique design challenges for the architects and engineers. All construction joints have constantly moving parts with minute shifts against the building structure. Moreover, any joint may be exposed to both outdoor and indoor elements during construction. A fire protection system that does not address movement, leakage, and water ratings could lead to costly retrofit implementation.

Trust Pro Contracting has access to many lines of products to address the requirements along with well tested and approved systems to be suitable for a broad range of exterior configurations.

We provide installation, inspection and maintenance, for the following fire resistive joint systems:

  • Construction Joints
  • Curtain Wall Insulation
  • Head and Foot of Wall
  • Perimeter Slab Edge
  • Slab to Slab
  • Slab to Wall
  • Steel Beams and Columns

Reach us for complete fire protection!