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When it comes to fire protection, Trust Pro Contracting is the name you can trust. Majority, overlook the concept of having a fire protection plan; because they don’t consider that it could happen to them. This is when you need us!

Recognized as one of the leading contractors in K.S.A, Trust Pro Contracting takes care of the entire fire safety process, right from the products and operations, to consulting and maintenance. Our team comprising of certified technicians are well-aware of the latest fire protection technologies, products, and systems. We gladly offer products and services, tailored to meet your business need.

Why Choose Us?

Our fire protection products are designed to protect the occupants of building and also prevent the spread of fire, smoke, toxic fumes from passing through penetrations in fire rated walls. No matter how much tricky your requirements are, “Trust Pro Contracting” offers suitable products to protect lives and property.
We’ve a large assortment of the following quality products: –

Fire Compartment Curtains and Benefits

Trust Pro provide a varied range of ACTIVE FIRE COMPARTMENT CURTAIN systems to suit the needs of your commercial building. The system consists of fireproof curtain that gets activated in the case of fire.A steel box which contains the curtain and appropriate mechanisms at the bottom, provides resistance and a water-cooling system to ensure the ultimate safety for the protected asset.

Compartment Curtain is what we provide as defense against fire protection. Our professionals are trained to design, develop and apply the solution as per the building regulations and fire codes, and are efficient enough to provide full technical support.

We understand the need of fire protection and thus, strive to provide customers with quality products.

  • Fire curtains prevent the threat and damage from fire
  • They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are suitable for both commercial and public properties.
  • Fire curtains are linked to a building’s alarm system and when this is triggered, the curtain deploys automatically.
  • The curtains are designed for doorway, corridors, and other areas where people and emergency services need access.
  • Made from special textile fabrics, these curtains can withstand temperatures up to 1000℃.

Smoke Compartment Curtains and Benefits

Smoke compartment curtain may be offered through fixed or active curtains depending on asset type and requirement. Fixed smoke compartment may be suitable for the industrial building where lifting and lowering are not a necessity. Nonetheless, Active smoke compartment integrates within the structure of establishment, and most of the cases are implemented invisibly. Active compartment will only appear in case of emergency.

We provide smoke curtains that are capable enough of providing adequate level of protection.

  • Our smoke curtains are designed to offer fire integrity for up to two hours Easily accessible during emergency.
  • Their subtle design makes them ideal for areas where space is important. Such designs are beneficial for hospitals
  • Direct smoke into determined routes to reach the exhaust system.
  • Prevent and relent smoke from passing to other unaffected areas by fire.
  • Delays the combustion time.
  • Smoke-free access and evacuation routes.
  • Provide adequate time for the emergency evacuation of people and materials.

Smoke Ventilators

Smoke ventilation systems are installed in the corridors and stairwells of apartment blocks, hotels and even in underground car parks. The purpose is to ventilate the common areas which may easily become smoke covered because of fire. The ventilators are intended to clear the smoke and offer protection to occupants in the building.

There is a broad range of natural ventilation in the market; however, the key factor is how well those products can contribute to an integrated passive fire protection solution in a smoke exhaust system.

Trust Pro offer the ventilator control system with full installation service and technical support Control and management, our extensive range of ventilators can be used in any smoke extraction installation, mechanical extraction, or smoke compartment and wide range of available options depending on the safety requirements. Available in a wide variety of choices.

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