KSA Architectural Expansion Joints

A range of architectural structures, especially high rise buildings require expansion joints. Structures which are usually exposed to various environmental factors such as changes in weather, velocity, seismic movement, fires, wind sway, and other special conditions critically need expansion joints because they are highly exposed to environmental changes. An expansion joint is a structural assembly specially designed to withstand the vibrations and permit the movement due to earthquakes, wind, and ground settlement thereby. Expansion joints are meant to address the impact of heat on different construction materials; they safely absorb heat-induced expansion, contraction & vibration of these materials and hold parts together.

Commonly found in sections of sidewalks, bridges, piping structures, parking areas, buildings, ships, and railway tracks, this assembly is often referred to as movement joints because it allows movement due to earthquakes and ground settlements.

At Trust Pro Contracting, we provide a range of expansion joint systems, manufactured to solve a variety of expansion joint scenarios and perform to the highest level. Furthermore, custom materials, sizes and finishes are also available to meet different project needs. No matter what type of expansion joints you require for your architectural project; we have got you covered at Trust Pro Contracting.

Bridge Expansion Joint System


Expansion joints are the crucial components to the life-cycle of a bridge. Poor quality and improper installation of joints results in failure and severe compromise in the bridge’s structural integrity.
At Trust Pro Contracting, the sealing performance of our bridge expansion joint system is significantly greater than any other acrylic-impregnated predecessor. In addition, it is odorless, non-staining, UV stable and low temperature flexible. Clean handling is the best feature of Trust Pro Contracting’s bridge expansion joints. None of the asphalt, wax, or isobutylene-based predecessors offered such a wide range of features.

Where Bridge Expansion Joints Are Used?

  1. Concrete-to-concrete substrate applications
  2. Nosing material-repaired substrate applications
  3. Replacement for old or failed bridge expansion joint systems
  4. Replacement for failed strip-seal inserts
  5. Metal-reinforced edges, which cannot be subjected to demolition
  6. Sealing of the joint under asphaltic-plug joints
  7. Sealing of control joints under continuous asphalt roadway surfaces

Seismic Expansion Joint System

Structures, when encounter with seismic movements such as earthquakes, critically need seismic expansion joint systems. At trust Pro Contracting, we provide a, expansion joint system comprised of silicone and impregnated-foam hybrid components that ensure water tightness, sound absorption, vibration dampening, and traffic durability. Other features include non-invasive anchoring, no concrete-embedded cover plate anchors, no hard connections to concrete, easy & rapid installation, and low maintenance.

Where Seismic Expansion Joints Are Used?

  1. Airports
  2. Parking decks & car parking areas
  3. Stadiums
  4. Bridge connectors in malls

Fire Rated Expansion Joint System

Fire is an ever-present danger and architectural structures must possess expansion joints for sufficient safety. However, the chimney effect at unprotected expansion joints may actually advance its spread, which is why fire rated expansion joint systems are critical. Trust Pro Contracting provides a system with dual-sided silicone sealing surfaces adhered to a fire-retardant impregnated foam backing and an intumescent bellows. Both the sides of the expansion joint are water resistant as well as fire-rated.

Where Fire rated Expansion Joints Are Used?

  1. Stadiums
  2. Interior floors
  3. Parking decks
  4. Stair & elevator tower perimeters
  5. Bridge expansion joints

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