Trust Pro Contracting is a reputed company in the KSA Construction industry. Due to a specialized section of our expert services, we are one of the most respected and trusted specialized solution providers since more than a decade.

We have accomplished several turnkey projects of civil construction by providing a comprehensive construction services and core solutions. To strengthen our relation with our clients, we constantly strive to develop our performance to the maximum heights of achievements.

Take a look at our key services to a wide range of construction applications.

Passive Fire Protection

One of the most vital elements of any construction project, fire protection solution is quite a multifaceted solution that needs an expert assistance. We are your dependable partner for the right fire protection solution.

  • Steel Fire Protection systems
  • Fire Stop Systems
  • Fire Compartment Walls
  • Smoke Extraction Plenums
  • Fire & Blast Protection Systems

Structural and Architectural Expansion Joint

A range of architectural structures such as car parks, decks, airports, bridge connectors, and stadiums require expansion joints, which are commonly known as movement joints.

Concrete Repair

Trust Pro Contracting specializes in concrete repair and offers a wide range of high performance concrete repair products as well as services for structural, protective and cosmetic repair applications.


To prevent possible water damage and protect buildings from the damaging effects of water, we provide a wide range of high quality, lasting waterproofing systems.

  • Roofing Systems
  • Wet Area Waterproofing
  • Swimming Pools
  • Steel & Concrete Water Tanks

Industrial Flooring

The demand for industrial flooring is increasing like never before. Catering to every possible flooring requirement, we provide the highest quality industrial and custom flooring solutions.

  • Epoxy
  • Screeding
  • Resin
  • Polyurethane

Contracting & Steel Building

With proven expertise in steel building, we capably deal with a variety of steel building and contracting projects belonging to industrial and commercial sectors.
We deliver our services in planning, estimation, design, construction and maintenance to ensure that all the scope of works are carried out with safe and cost effective methods to comply with quick, efficient and quality work.